Who is the owner of the site?

WSIM Group is the owner of the site and the mall and is looking to build the area around the Woodside Square Mall at 1571 Sandhurst Circle. The developer wants to maintain the mall and improve the way the surrounding underused areas are experienced by the community.

What changes will I see at Woodside Square Mall?

The Woodside Square Mall will remain and be maintained. The changes we are proposing include the introduction of places to live, work, play, and shop with additional community services/amenities, such as parks to the lands around the mall building. We will share more details once they become available.

When will I see these changes?

If the development proposal is approved, we anticipate that construction would not commence for at least three years (approximately 2023) from the time we submit an application for the new development.

What is the process for reviewing the development proposal?

On June 5, 2020, we submitted a Zoning By-law Amendment application to the City of Toronto. It could take about 18 to 30 months for the application to go through the City’s review process. Hearing from the community is important to us. During this long but necessary process, we want to hear your input through this website and the survey (on this website).

We plan to organize consultation sessions to get input from the community and different stakeholder groups. This information will inform the development that gets built assuming we get all the approvals in place.

Also, now that the application has been submitted, many City of Toronto departments and external agencies (e.g. the school boards, utility companies, etc.) will review the application and City Planning will hold a community consultation meeting. The comments the City collects from the community will be considered when they review the application. The City Staff will make recommendations to the Scarborough Community Council. Then, there will be a statutory meeting at the Scarborough Community Council where Councillors for Scarborough will consider the recommendations. The community can provide comments about the development proposal at this meeting as well.

How long is the City’s development review process for this application?

From the time of application submission, the City’s review process could take anywhere from 18 to 30 months.

What is the City’s Woodside Square Planning Review? How is it related to the development you are considering for the lands around the mall?

The Woodside Square Planning Review is a City-initiated exercise focused on developing strategies and policies to guide the future growth of the mall area in the context of the surrounding neighbourhood. The City will consult the community as part of their study. This study will help City Staff develop planning policies, which the City will use to assess the development proposal.

What is the process for the City’s Woodside Square Planning Review?

The process for the Woodside Square Planning Review was approved by the Scarborough Community Council on September 16, 2019. It involves consulting the community throughout the development of the strategies and policies for the future growth of the mall area. For more information, visit www.toronto.ca/woodsidesquarereview or contact the City of Toronto Planner, Sophie Knowles at 416-396-4157 or woodsidesquarereview@toronto.ca.

Why are you not demolishing the mall?

We know that the mall has an important role in the community. The mall is vibrant - it has very little vacancy and the mix of retailers provide a wide range of merchandise and services for the community. Also, the building is in a good condition with recent renovations and upgrades such as public washroom modernization, digital directory replacement, free Wi-Fi connection, floor tile replacement, smooth ceiling replacement and LED light fixture retrofits.

How can we get involved in the consultation process for the City’s Woodside Square Planning Review?

Please visit the City’s webpage about the Planning Review www.toronto.ca/woodsidesquarereview or contact the City of Toronto Planner, Sophie Knowles, by phone at 416-396-4157 or email at woodsidesquarereview@toronto.ca.

How can we get involved in the public consultation about the development proposal?

We will provide information and updates on this website about future public consultation as soon as they become available. We welcome feedback from community members and mall visitors. Please feel free to fill out a 5-min survey on this website. You are always welcome to send us questions and comments through this website as well.

When is the next meeting or event to talk about the development proposal?

We will provide information and updates about public consultation on this website as soon as they become available.

How will you use the survey results?

The results will be used to inform the development and the community consultation process. The results will be shared with Bousfields Inc. who has been retained to provide planning and community consultation services for the development proposal. The results may be shared with the City of Toronto upon request by City Staff.

Will I still be able to find parking at the mall if the parking lot isn’t there anymore?

The new development will provide underground and street-level parking for mall visitors as well as those visiting the new retail stores, offices and residences being provided as part of the new development. A Transportation Impact Study with more details about parking will be submitted with the application and will be made available on this website.

What does this new development mean for vehicular traffic?

The development includes a new public road off of Finch Ave East. This will reduce the need for drivers to go on McCowan Road or Sandhurst Circle to get to the mall area and as well reduce the need for travelling along the frontage of the mall entrance. Further, the development would provide safe connections, making it more desirable for pedestrians and cyclists to move through the site. A Transportation Impact Study with more details about parking will be submitted with the application and will be made available on this website.

How do the proposed buildings fit in with the surroundings?

The development includes new connections for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers, new open spaces, new retail and office spaces, and housing options for a wide range of household types and sizes, including options for seniors. The development was carefully designed to fit with the surroundings. The locations of the proposed buildings are intended to limit shadowing on the surrounding neighbourhood, particularly the low-rise residential areas to the north and north-east (the Neighbourhoods designated lands) and to complement the existing tall buildings around the intersection of Finch Avenue East and McCowan Road. The tallest buildings are proposed at the southeast corner of the site, adding prominence to the intersection of Finch and McCowan. The heights of the buildings get shorter along Finch and even shorter (mid-rise) to the north along McCowan Road and Sandhurst Circle.