Woodside Development Survey.

The Woodside Square Mall is in your community, not just as a place to shop, bank, and eat, but also as an informal gathering place. We are always looking to improve the mall to make it accessible and enjoyable to visit. At the moment, we are hoping to improve the way you experience the mall and the area directly surrounding it by building a new development that will have places to live, work, play, and shop with additional community services/amenities, such as parks. This plan includes maintaining the mall. At this very early stage in the development process, we are looking to gather information about you and how you experience the mall.


The survey will help us collect information to further work on our development ideas and also to plan future community meetings and/or events about this development.


You can complete this survey online at


For more information about this survey or the new potential development, please visit or email

Privacy disclaimer: This survey and the survey results may be shared with the City of Toronto, Bousfields Inc. (planning and community engagement firm), and 95 Development Inc. (the developer). The survey will not ask for your name or any other identifiable information. The information you provide will remain anonymous.

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