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Our  Vision

The Woodside Square Mall at 1571 Sandhurst Circle has been part of the community for over four decades now. Woodside Square Mall is…

  • More than a place for shopping

  • A place to relax and to meet with family and friends

  • A place well-used and enjoyed by many community members

We are planning on keeping the mall, maintaining it and expanding it.

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Currently, we have a vision for the future of the underused areas along the south and east sides of the mall.

Our VISION is to strengthen the opportunities of the mall and the immediate surroundings by introducing a vibrant mixed-use development with street and pedestrian connections, outdoor open spaces, additional commercial space, and different types of housing options, including seniors housing.

What is happening at

Woodside Square Mall?



On June 5, 2020, we submitted an application to the City for a new development. We are requesting approval to build mid-rise and tall buildings as well as outdoor open spaces for public use on the underused spaces directly surrounding the existing mall building. This proposed new development does not include the demolition of the mall – we plan to keep the mall. The main purpose of this website is to share more information about this proposed new development.


There have been renovations and upgrades taking place to improve your experience at Woodside Square Mall. The new seating, digital directory, public washroom modernization, and floor tile and ceiling replacement with skylights are some of the recent improvements inside the mall.


Outside of the mall, the west side parking lot is boarded up for construction-related work for a new movie theatre. We applied for this new movie theatre in December 2018 and the City has given us a conditional permit to do underground work for it. We will continue to be working with the City to finalize the permits for the full construction of a movie theatre.



In November 2019, the City of Toronto officially began the Woodside Square Planning Review, looking at the entire mall site, including the mall. This Planning Review will help City Staff assess the appropriateness of the additional uses we would be proposing in the new development. It will also establish a policy framework to guide any future development on the site. You can learn more about this Planning Review by visiting the City’s webpage.

Development Proposal.

Coloured Site Plan - FOR WEBSITE AND NOT

By the Numbers


166,711 sq ft

Senior home retirement living


Total residential units


Total vehicular parking spaces

112,730 sq ft

Additional commercial space (office space, street-level retail, and restaurant)


64,734 sq ft

Total outdoor open space for public use (privately-owned publicly accessible spaces or POPS)



Total bicycle parking spaces

City of Toronto

Woodside Square

Planning Review.

The City of Toronto is initiating the Woodside Square Planning Review to develop a long-term vision for the entire area at 1571 Sandhurst Circle, including the mall and the proposed development area around the mall. That study will help inform City Staff as they evaluate the development application we have submited. The City will consult with the community on the Planning Review and as well on the development proposal. We are working closely with the City to make the process effective and productive for the community. You can read more about the City’s Planning Review here:

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